Bedroom Updates for Spring

VIV_Tana Throw Mais Life

Now the mornings are lighter and the heating’s on less frequently its time to think of the little changes that give our homes a feeling of summer.  The sun comes streaming through my Bedroom window in the morning (when its out) so it’s always the first place I start.  Personally I love layering the bed so that you can kick off covers, or pull them over you when it gets cold and you’ve put the winter Duvet away.

Colour and texture are great ways to update and our colourful cotton throws  and linen cushions are great for this.  Our Tana throw can be used as an additional bed cover, made from a cotton waffle fabric it adds texture as well being practical.  The dark grey ‘Carbonne’ colour has been the most popular in store but if you’re looking for a colourpop the deep yellow ‘Mais’ is great.

For something a little more special soft Lambswool throws are great for beds or chairs and can be used as a wrap when its turns a bit too chilly in the garden.  We have a stunning range of beautifully designed lambswool woven blankets from Wallace and Sewell. The colour combinations they use are amazing and this years updates are some of the best yet.

All the items mentioned are available on our website

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