Going for Gold… ochre, saffron, mustard…

YvesKlein_Gold Leaf on Panel 1961
Yves Klein

I have a thing with golds at the moment.  It’s such an up lifting colour and sits beautifully with the new pale neutrals that are popular right now.  Modern golds come in so many variations of colour and material, allowing you to add accents in different ways without having to go ‘full gold’.  From brass and gold leaf,  to golden velvets and ochre linens, through to beautiful mustards and golden browns this is a great trend for adding texture and interest to your  home.

We’re seeing these gorgeous sunny colours used as a backdrop to monochrome schemes or as accents styled with greens and pale pinks to create beautiful soft modern colour palettes.

If you’re thinking of doing a wall check out some of the darker yellows around.  For cushions and throws try deep yellows or brown toned mustards to keep it modern. To just add a few touches look for unpolised brass or burnished golds.

Tana Throw Mais; Mustard Velvet Cushion; Vase Tete Amber; Palm Lamp; Velvet Shades.  All available online at abodeliving.co.uk

Style Images: Elfenn Marrakesch – Architectural Digest, Casa Mollino, Dutzi Store – Lonny Mag

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